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Здесь мог быть ваш стрим!
News server
Welcome to the New World of Lineage

Dear players, we have launched a unique server filled with content.

Do you have a desire to start a stream? write to me, we will add it to the main page.

For new players, we recommend watching a short video review of the server from ZlayaTetka

Beta - Feedback

Dear players!

I am very pleased with your sociability and interest in Beta testing!

I answer the most popular questions so that new players don't have to look for answers:

You cannot "Patch" the Interlude client. Download a new one from the"Files" tab
An already unpacked game is being downloaded from the torrent.
The game opens after L2.exe. Go to the System / folder L2.exe

Beta is in progress

Dear players!

We are preparing for the start of the project, so now is the time to get to know us.

Quick Start Guide:

We put our clean client on download, from the Files tab
We get acquainted with the description in absentia. We have nothing banal, only exclusive
We open the master account > go into the game
It is important to do this before the start, because the server has additions. Or rather, Classes+Interlude skills, the Classic Client and its capabilities.

We have been working on the idea for a long time, and if you liked it or have a question-write to us Telegram Linegia Support

Sincerely, the Administration

Скачать файлы
Для начала игры необходимо пройти регистрацию Регистрация и скачать клиент игры. Если у вас уже установлен чистый клиент Classic, просто скачайте патч
Клиент Lineage 2 Classic [GDISK] - 11.0 Gb
Клиент Lineage 2 Classic [YADISK] - 11.0 Gb
Патч [GDISK] - 226 MB
Скачать апдейтер - 2 kb