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Updating the Core Linegia

It has been 3 months since the last update, and during this time we have allowed ourselves to retire a little.
This is due to the long wait for important build updates.
Since the beginning of the work, 53 tasks have been closed within the framework of the game world concept.

We switched to auto-registration, due to the lack of relevance of the presence of a personal account and statistics at the beta stage.
Now, thanks to the latest updates, we can move on.
There is not much left before the official launch of the MBT.
See you soon, sincerely, the Linegia team

Beta Update 29.03

Hi! Let's get straight to the point,

The new update includes:
- Autofarm zones for Mages and Warriors, check out the new event know-how 24/7
- A system of daily rewards for farming in farm zones
- TvT - at Fort Heina
- Added Talismans and Brooches - which are a personal boost
- - NPCs are spawned in cities, arranged for convenience. We remind you that we have developed a very convenient Alt+b Community!
- Some fixes occurred in the new release, go to the server with a new patch

Update to Beta 12.03

Hi! We have a Beta update that includes:new patch

- Adjusted new items
- Redesigned Community Board
- Fixed the zones, added RB to the map
- Adjusted the description of skills, NPCs.
- and other small things

By itself Beta - prettier, updated, do not hesitate to come in.

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