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Linegia Beta stage 01.03.2021

We are grateful to every player who came to the opening of Craft-PvP, and spent their personal time to play on our server.
For your interest, we kept the server running 24/7
But, the last player visited on February 24, and we decide to launch a new project in the Beta stage.
Out of respect for everyone, all the achievements of Craft-PvP, we transferred to Linegia Beta
This will not make an imbalance, because-Beta-is filled with completely different content, just come play at any time.

How do I log in to the game?
Download the new patch link to the patch or the full game client link to the client
Use your old account, or register a new one
When you log in to the game, select the Linegia Beta server
Play, let us know about your ideas and suggestions on the forum

Please note!
The list of servers has Linegia Private
Here, we work out our ideas in the development of the project, and we will "roll" them on Beta releases.

Still interested?
Here is a little about the beginning of a new stage link to the forum, come in already

Welcome to the New world of Linegia

Linegia is a new take on the Interlude chronicles. We offer our players a Classic client
with Interlude content and more! This is a fundamentally new project among Lineage 2 servers.
According to its concept, it is a Craft-PvP server designed for high and stable online, thanks to a high-quality unique assembly and powerful equipment on which our server stands.

Скачать файлы
Для начала игры необходимо пройти регистрацию Регистрация и скачать клиент игры. Если у вас уже установлен чистый клиент Classic, просто скачайте патч
Скачать Full клиент Linegia Beta - 11.0 Gb
Скачать патч для клиента с торрента 01.03.21 - 201 MB
Скачать клиент с торрента - 9.88 GB