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Welcome to the New world of Linegia

Linegia is a new take on the Interlude chronicles. We offer our players a Classic client
with Interlude content and more! This is a fundamentally new project among Lineage 2 servers.
According to its concept, it is a Craft-PvP server designed for high and stable online, thanks to a high-quality unique assembly and powerful equipment on which our server stands.

The Event


We are launching a small advertising campaign among your friends. We want to prepare as much as possible for the start.

We offer you to take part and get an awesome agation " Hut on chicken legs"
This is a unique bonus. This is not freely available, and you can not buy it for money. Agathion will never disappear, it will be with you until you sell it. (Oh, yes, it can be sold to dealers, but this is your personal business, after all, your real estate)

Let's talk about the contest rules:

1. Make a repost repost in VK, copy the link to your post
2. Send the link of your repost to this topic, before starting, we will contact you and check the availability of the repost. If everything is OK - your hut!

Скачать файлы
Для начала игры необходимо пройти регистрацию Регистрация и скачать клиент игры. Если у вас уже установлен чистый клиент Classic, просто скачайте патч
Скачать Full клиент Linegia Beta - 11.0 Gb
Скачать патч для клиента с торрента 01.03.21 - 201 MB
Скачать клиент с торрента - 9.88 GB